Basic Nuke Multi Projection Setup for Matte Painting


This is a basic multi projection matte painting setup for Nuke. There are 4 projections that make up this animated camera move of this column. I added a animated spec pass for some moving shine just for fun.


I chose this column as a subject for several reasons.

  • First, it shows that matte painting is not limited to “backgrounds”. This column is a foreground object and it works just fine.
  • It shows three sides of an object and is stereo ready. What I mean when I say “stereo ready” is that it has geometry that catches the projections and therefore it will automatically work for a stereo show.
  • Matte painting can produce complex parallax-ing objects. There is parallax between objects and parallax within the objects (the column fluting).
  • Lastly, I wanted to show what you can get away with in matte painting. If you notice in the last part of the shot, the column is not 3D modeled all the way to the top and does not include the capital. The last camera movement is totally nodal so there is no parallax, therefore there is no need to model the column--just a card will do.

Here are some screen shots of the scene in nuke:

I hope this gives you an idea of how to set up multiple projections in Nuke. But for those that are starting out I really hope this pushes the boundaries in your mind of what matte painting can really do. Matte painting is not just for pretty “establishing shots”. Matte Painting is a well established methodology for creating 3D backgrounds, objects and environments for film. This example just scratches the surface of the amazing things that a matte painting methodology is able to accomplish. So please dig into the file and enjoy.

Download the project files: Basic Nuke Multi Projection Setup for Matte Painting

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