Nuke/MARI Bridge: Multi UDIM Gadget


[dropcap cap="N"]uke does not natively recognise more then one UDIM or in other words, any UV groupings outside of 0 to 1. This is kind of a limitation of the Nuke Mari work flow since MARI’s power comes from using multiple UDIMs. This tool I created enables Nuke to recognise and map an obj with more then one UDIM correctly. I have limited the tool to 10 UDIMs (1-10). Not sure why you would want more then that. You can specify the size of your textures and you can toggle to see all of your textures at once . I would assume that at some point The Foundry will make this work natively without the workaround.[/dropcap]


Download Nuke Gadget Here:


Nuke/MARI Bridge for Matte Painting Demo
Overtime in the VFX Industry

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