Nuke Tree Tool Gadget for Randomizing Tree Cards


Here is a very useful gadget I created for making tree cards in Nuke. I adapted something similar to this to use on “X-Men: First Class”. I love the idea of tree cards in Nuke so I just created this gadget from the bottom up with a lot of really cool features. It works well but it is what I would call “beta” because I have not used it on a actual show yet. So I guess you could say it is not “production tested”. Download the gadget and tell me what you think.


Here is the properties tab and a list of features:

Animated Tree [list class="bullet-5"][li]Can use a single animated tree sequence[/li] [li]Randomizes start frame so each tree appears different[/li] [li]Can use reference tree cards with animated color grade so you can visually gauge the randomization[/li][/list]

Single Tree [list class="bullet-5"][li]Use 8 different static trees.(All in one “read” node, each image needs to be in sequential order)[/li] [li]Randomize tree images on the cards[/li] [li]Use reference tree cards marked with different colors[/list][/li]

Other Features [list class="bullet-5"][li]"Number of trees" slider use 1-30 trees[/li][li]Randomise tree size[/li] [li]Randomise tree placement[/li] [li]Global translate controls[/li] [li]Global Size slider[/li] [li]Individual tree size slider[/li] [li]Smooth widen and deepen translate slider[/li] [li]Change card pivot point[/li] [li]Cards can “Look At” camera[/li][/list]

Here is the node graph of inside the gadget:

Here are the 7 randomised single static tree reference cards.

Here are the animated tree reference cards that have an animated color grade. You can see that they are different shades of colors indicating that they are starting on different frames.

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